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HTMA Technologies - Terms & Conditions

● Application Form means a du provided form signed by You to order our Services.
● Content means digitally stored and transmitted material, including text, pictures, images, audio, video, games, graphics, software or services incorporating any of these things
● Customer Care means du’s customer care telephone service available to You
● Downgrade means any modification to the Service which reduces the capacity, use or utility of that Service
● Early Termination Charge means the charge payable for cancellation of a Service after the Service Commencement Date but before expiry of the Minimum Term.
● Installation Charge or NRC (non-recurring charge) means the one-off Charge payable by You to du for installation of the Service and for the commissioning and configuration of the Service.
● Minimum Term means the minimum period of connection for a particular Service as specified in the Application Form
● Monthly Charge or Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) means the monthly recurring Charge payable by You to du for provision of a Service.
● VAT means value added tax or any like tax imposed in any jurisdiction from time to time.
● Ordering. To order a Service, You must complete an Application Form and submit it to du. You warrant the accuracy of Your details contained in the Application Form.
● No reselling. You shall not resell, distribute or provide the Services or Equipment to any third party
● Late payment fee. a late payment fee may be charged on any unpaid amount from the payment due date until payment is made by You in full;

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